Prime Unvaulting DElayed + TennoGen INC! Devstream 104 Recap N Review! [Warframe]

Все видео канала PsyCoCinematics 2018-01-13 06:30

Ahoy thar, Legion! Devstream 104 brings in the new year with some good, bad, and weird. Just the way we like it ^_^ From Prime Unvaultings gettin' DElayed, TennoGen arriving over the next few weeks, to a potentially massive ability pass for ALL warframes and a whole bunch more with details aplenty inside.

Got this one down to five minutes for ya, Legion! Hope ya approve ^_^ Enjoy your weekend! Take care!

If ya wanna check out Devstream 104, in as much as they were able to actually stream without interruption, here ya go!

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