"Prime" - The Seige [Explicit]

Все видео канала THE SEIGE 2017-07-07 17:48

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Once again I'm back around
Real shit back in style
Haters reconcile
I'm so black and proud
First class tickets now
Feet all in aisle
Everybody looking down
Everybody get red when you brown
Looking me up
I'm putting it down you picking it up
Checking the mileage
They want us to go to college just so we can be stuck
Go to school to make living
Or teach yourself to make a fortune
Common sense welcome to the apocalypse
Bitch I'm one of the horseman

I don't need your endorsement
I don't need reinforcement
Giving you your last warning

Cause I'm at my prime
I'm at my...
I'm at my prime

Have I gone too far
Do you detect something different
If you look inside my head
Would you say that something's missing
If you could give all your riches
Just to save the world would you risk it
These politicians so old
Can't tell if they dead or they living
Better ask Kathy Griffin
You know I like to raise stakes
We was always taught to hit the gas
We ain't even know they made breaks
We control our own fate
Watching dreams take shape
Try to keep us out
We gon freak
Turn this bitch to Watergate

I don't need your mandate
Don't need you to elevate
I'm about to detonate

Cause I'm at my prime
I'm at my...
I'm at Prime
Said I'm at my prime
We at our prime
We at our prime
I'm at my prime
I'm my prime
Said I'm at my prime