Jaanwar 1999 -HD Full Movie | Akshay Kumar , karisma Kapoor , Shakti Kapoor

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"Movie: Jaanwar (1999)
Director: Suneel Darshan
Producer :Suneel Darshan
Music Director: Anand Milind
Distributed : Shree Krishna International


Akshay Kumar as Badshah/Babu Lohar
Karisma Kapoor as Sapna
Shilpa Shetty as Mamta
Mohnish Bahl as Aditya Oberoi
Ashutosh Rana as Abdul
Ashish Vidyarthi as Inspector Pradhan
Johnny Lever as Bajrangi
Aditya Kapadia as Raju
Shakti Kapoor as Sultan
Kader Khan as Special Appearance
Dolly Bindra as Sapna's friend

Orphaned when his mother dies of starvation, Babu (Akshay Kumar) is taken in by Sultan, an ambitious local criminal. Sultan has gathered a group of boys, lead by his nephew Abdul, who he trains to work for him. Babu grows up to become "Badshah", a professional criminal working for Sultan. After having robbed a jewellery store, Badshah and Abdul are chased by police but manage to escape. The next day Badshah sees Sapna (Karishma Kapoor), a poor street performer, singing and dancing for money. Badshah gives her a large amount of money in order to replace her ripped and old clothes, and Sapna becomes interested in him. Returning home, Badshah finds Inspector Pradhan waiting for him, and the two threaten each other, engaging in a war of words ending with the Inspector vowing to put an end to Badshah's criminal activities. During a weapons exchange, Badshah and Abdul are intercepted by police and a chase ensues. Badshah is shot in the arm and the chaos causes both their vehicles to crash. Inspector Pradhan becomes trapped in his car, and Badshah helps him get out. Despite having been saved, the Inspector tries to arrest Badshah, who manages to escape, but is injured badly.
Babu goes to save Raju, but is outnumbered and trapped in a cage. Sultan intends to torture Babu by hurting Raju, using his 2 dogs. Babu manages to free himself and saves Raju from the dogs, killing Abdul and Sultan in the process. Badshah reunites with Sapna, and they decide to live with Aaditya and Mamta, in order to collectively raise Raju.